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We love Poland.
And we love pierogi.

We are Polish-American sisters in Pittsburgh who started Cute as a Dumpling to celebrate our Polish heritage.

Our items are handmade by women in Nepal. Each item is felted by hand using pure wool from Australia. All stitching and embroidery are also done by hand.

We have been working with a family-run workshop for over ten years and have established not only business ties with them, but, more importantly, friendships. We travel each year to meet with the artisans to develop new designs and to ensure that working conditions are safe and the workers are fairly paid.

Dumplings are enjoyed worldwide. In Poland they are pierogi, in Ukraine they are vareniki, and in Nepal they are called momos. At first the artisans were befuddled why we wanted to make “momo” ornaments. But they quickly warmed up to our darling dumplings and often come up with new designs. Our sweet pierogi angel ornament was proudly designed by our Nepalese partners.

While pierogi will always have a special place in our hearts, we have expanded the Cute as a Dumpling line to include other items, such as ravioli ornaments, adorable animal ornaments and much more.

 The Sobczak Sisters